West Kelowna Property – 2022 Blog Rewind!

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As December draws to a close, it is time for the annual year-end blog rewind. This way, everyone can catch up on any missed articles from the year. In order to do so, I will be writing a short summary of every month’s posts in 2022. I encourage you to check out the full post if you have not yet read the article by clicking the link in the title.

Follow along to see what was on my blog in 2022!

Winter and Spring Recap.

Jan – Market Update on West Kelowna Houses.

When 2022 finally arrived, the real estate market was a hot topic of discussion for many citizens in Canada. West Kelowna houses were selling for a pretty penny at the start of 2022. Check out this article for a look back on the market outlook in January. 

Feb – West Kelowna Condos – Eagle Terrace

In February, we featured another condo development in West Kelowna. The building that we highlighted during this month was called Eagle Terrace. Learn more about this building here.

Mar – The Highlands Gated Community in West Kelowna!

Living in a gated community provides tons of perks to busy homeowners. By choosing to occupy a home in a place like The Highlands, you can avoid doing many household chores. Learn more about what a home in The Highlands can offer you now!

Apr – Leisure Village West Kelowna Gated Community

Living in an age-restricted gated community provides a calm and relaxing environment. Leisure Village is a West Kelowna gated community that offers a quiet place for people to live. Discover the amazing benefits of living in Leisure Village, here. 

May – Thacker Ridge Estates Gated Community in West Kelowna

Owning a home inside of a secure gated community in West Kelowna is comfortable and safe. Enjoy the luxurious views of the Okanagan from your unique property in Thacker Ridge Estates. Learn more about the various perks of this gated community in West Kelowna, here!

Summer and Fall West Kelowna Property Recap.

June – The Trails Development in West Kelowna

Many buyers are getting ready to purchase homes in one of West Kelowna’s newest developments—The Trails. Learn more about this development, here. 

July – West Kelowna Development: Shelter Bay

Shelter Bay is a new West Kelowna development that you will enjoy! Learn more about this West Kelowna development in the article we wrote in July!

Aug – Why Live in Gated Communities in West Kelowna?

There are several reasons why people choose to live in a gated community. For those looking to find a quiet place to live that still offers a host of amenities, gated communities might be right for you. Check this article out for more information!

Sept – Moving to New Developments in West Kelowna!

More and more people are buying presale homes across Canada. However, buying homes in new developments in West Kelowna can come with some risks. Learn more about these risks and how to avoid them when moving to new developments in West Kelowna. 

Oct – New Home in West Kelowna: Choosing a Location

When you buy a new home, it is important to consider the location. The value of your real estate is highly dependent on where it is located. Read this article for more information about choosing a location for your new home. 

Nov – Winter Maintenance Checklist for your Property in West Kelowna.

Winter is here. And in the Okanagan, that means snow and cooler temperatures. In order to avoid the mess of winter, I’ve put together a winter maintenance checklist. In this article, I went over my top tips for keeping your home in good shape over the winter.

Contact Me Today!

For more information about buying a West Kelowna property contact me today! I’d be happy to help you find the right home in this desirable city. Thanks to everyone for another awesome year! Be sure to check out my blog next month for more real estate tips and information. I look forward to working with you all in the new year. Happy holidays everybody!

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