Real Estate For Sale Downtown Kelowna


Downtown Kelowna has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, witnessing a surge in real estate development. The cityscape now boasts numerous amenity-rich towers, buildings, and developments within the downtown core, with several more awaiting approval. The surrounding streets complement these new towers with a plethora of amenities, ranging from craft beer establishments to urban distilleries, shopping, and entertainment.

In the past, downtown Kelowna was a quiet district with a small enclave of wartime homes on its outskirts. Fast forward to today, and Downtown Kelowna has evolved into a vibrant urban center, featuring soaring buildings that offer breathtaking Okanagan Lake views. Every corner is adorned with world-class apartments, penthouses, and townhomes, with more developments in the pipeline. Rooftop pools and gardens, along with stylish dining rooms, bars, and cafes, have become the standard.

While downtown primarily consists of multi-unit residences, a few single-family homes can still be found, especially at the north end of Kelowna. Many of these homes are being acquired by developers and investors, yet opportunities for charming single-family homes persist for those in the market. The streets of downtown also showcase revitalized single-family homes, lending the area a distinctive Kitsilano-type ambiance.

Downtown Kelowna is home to various professional offices, firms, and banks, making it an attractive choice for real estate among young professionals. The trend toward walkable living aligns with the preferences of many first-time buyers, and with excellent transportation access, proximity to major beaches, and an array of shops and dining options, Kelowna’s downtown is drawing diverse real estate buyers and sellers alike.