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property for sale university heights kelowna

Why Buy a Property in University Heights

Are you looking for a new neighbourhood in Kelowna to call home? If yes, consider the newly developed University Heights! Situated near the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus and numerous golf courses, is where you’ll uncover this incredible neighbourhood. To help
homes for sale in West Kelowna

Wait Before Renovating Houses for Sale in West Kelowna

So you’ve bought a new home. But, maybe your new home has a dated interior. You can’t help but want to renovate it right away. However, renovating without first living in the space can bring up some future problems. For instance, you

When Should I List My Home For Sale in West Kelowna

Knowing when to sell your home can be tricky. Especially, if you’ve lived there for a long time. Putting your residence on the market can seem scary and you might wonder if you’re making the right decision. However, it’s important that you
real estate for sale in West Kelowna

Real Estate For Sale in West Kelowna: Buying a Fixer Upper

Buying a fixer-upper can be enticing for a number of reasons. Whether that be an attractive price or a passion for renovating old homes. Fixer-uppers often sell for below-average costs because they require some work to be put into them. While this
west kelowna real estate for sale

Why Buy West Kelowna Real Estate for Sale?

Investing in West Kelowna real estate for sale comes with numerous benefits. From appreciation to tax breaks, there are very few downsides to owning real estate in West Kelowna. Whether you are looking for ways to add to your investment portfolio or
west kelowna properties near schools

West Kelowna Properties Near Schools!

Moving to West Kelowna is an exciting endeavor. With all of the amazing amenities and seasonal fun, living in West Kelowna is a dream come true. For those moving to properties in West Kelowna with school-aged children, you may be wondering what
Homes in West Kelowna

Homes in West Kelowna – Market Update

For those that remember, 2022’s real estate market saw some of the most unprecedented sale prices. The cost of housing in the early part of last year left many buyers in the lurch. However, things are looking up in terms of listing
west kelowna property for sale josh miko

West Kelowna Property – 2022 Blog Rewind!

As December draws to a close, it is time for the annual year-end blog rewind. This way, everyone can catch up on any missed articles from the year. In order to do so, I will be writing a short summary of every
properties in west kelowna

Winter Maintenance Checklist for your Property in West Kelowna

Winter is here. And in the Okanagan, that means snow and cooler temperatures. While snow can be pretty to look at, it can cause mayhem in your home. In order to avoid the mess of winter, I’ve put together a winter maintenance
new home in west kelowna for sale

New Home in West Kelowna: Choosing a Location

When you buy a new home, it is important to consider the location. The value of your real estate is highly dependent on where it is located. In order to choose a property that will return the highest profit, you need to
New Developments in West Kelowna

Moving to New Developments in West Kelowna

Moving to a new real estate development is an exciting thing! More and more people are buying presale homes across Canada. This is a great way to get in on the market and find a home that’s new and tailored to your
leisure village in west kelowna gated community

Leisure Village West Kelowna Gated Community

Living in an age-restricted gated community provides a calm and relaxing environment. Leisure Village is a West Kelowna gated community that offers a quiet place for people to live. Discover the amazing benefits of living in a stratified community. You’ll have plenty
the highlands at shannon lake

The Highlands Gated Community in West Kelowna!

Living in a gated community in West Kelowna provides tons of perks to busy homeowners. By choosing to occupy a home in a place like The Highlands, you can avoid doing many household chores. Get all the perks that come with a
josh miko west kelowna real estate sales

Market Update on West Kelowna Houses

2022 is finally here, and the real estate market seems to be a hot topic of discussion for many citizens in Canada. West Kelowna houses have been selling for a pretty penny as of late. The seller’s market continues to reign strong
josh Miko

Josh Miko’s 2021 West Kelowna Real Estate Rewind!

Josh Miko gives one final look back at real estate in West Kelowna in 2021! As December concludes, we have chosen to write our last blog article of 2021 as a recap of the year’s content. This way, all of our clients