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New Developments in West Kelowna

Moving to New Developments in West Kelowna

Moving to a new real estate development is an exciting thing! More and more people are buying presale homes across Canada. This is a great way to get in on the market and find a home that’s new and tailored to your
leisure village in west kelowna gated community

Leisure Village West Kelowna Gated Community

Living in an age-restricted gated community provides a calm and relaxing environment. Leisure Village is a West Kelowna gated community that offers a quiet place for people to live. Discover the amazing benefits of living in a stratified community. You’ll have plenty
the highlands at shannon lake

The Highlands Gated Community in West Kelowna!

Living in a gated community in West Kelowna provides tons of perks to busy homeowners. By choosing to occupy a home in a place like The Highlands, you can avoid doing many household chores. Get all the perks that come with a
josh miko west kelowna real estate sales

Market Update on West Kelowna Houses

2022 is finally here, and the real estate market seems to be a hot topic of discussion for many citizens in Canada. West Kelowna houses have been selling for a pretty penny as of late. The seller’s market continues to reign strong
josh Miko

Josh Miko’s 2021 West Kelowna Real Estate Rewind!

Josh Miko gives one final look back at real estate in West Kelowna in 2021! As December concludes, we have chosen to write our last blog article of 2021 as a recap of the year’s content. This way, all of our clients

Terravita – Your Next West Kelowna Condo!

Last month we went through an article about Sundance Ridge – a favourite West Kelowna condo! Continuing on with that theme, for the month of November, we’ll be talking about another great condo in the area of West Kelowna. Terravita is a

Sundance Ridge Condo in West Kelowna!

A few months ago we wrote an article detailing all of the real estate developments in West Kelowna. This month we are going to be building off of that with development-specific content about each complex, building, and community in the area. This
modern homes for sale in West Kelowna

Modern West Kelowna homes For Sale!

Modern West Kelowna homes for sale are perfect for an Okanagan lifestyle. A modern house offers more than just an aesthetic for many buyers. The floorplan and clean design provide homeowners with the perfect place to call home. Many buyers are searching
houses for sale West Kelowna

Finding houses in West Kelowna!

Finding houses in West Kelowna is so exciting! There are so many opportunities for new buyers and their families to settle into. With various outdoor activities the possibilities for fun are endless. As COVID-19 restrictions start to tighten again, finding houses in
condos in west kelowna

Condos in West Kelowna Real Estate

Buying real estate in West Kelowna is a great investment – especially when buying a condo. There are a variety of perks to owning a condo in this city. From added security to less maintenance, a condo is perfect for all you

Buy a West Kelowna Property For Sale Now and Build Your Dream Home.

Buying a West Kelowna property for sale is the perfect way to make your dream home a reality. Properties in this area provide you with the space and landscape you need to forage the perfect home. There are so many perks to

What makes a great West Kelowna real estate agent?

Having a great West Kelowna real estate agent on your side can help you buy and sell properties effortlessly. With their expertise and knowledge of properties in West Kelowna, you’re in the best hands possible. There are so many reasons to hire
west kelowna real estate

Real Estate in West Kelowna is Poised for a Busy Spring!

The demand for real estate in West Kelowna is strong! If you’ve been watching the real estate market closely, then you already know things have been moving quick! Especially when we look at real estate in West Kelowna. The West Kelowna real
real estate for sale west kelowna

Episode 13: Tiffany Pratt – Wellness by Design: Creating a Home that Brings Joy

What is the relationship between our homes and our mental and physical well-being? Are there changes we can make to infuse a greater sense of joy into our living spaces? How can we reimagine the things we already have to elevate our

Important questions to ask when looking at West Kelowna houses for sale

Are you looking at West Kelowna houses for sale but are not quite sure if you’re ready to purchase a home? Buying a new home, or a home for the first time can be scary, and there are some questions you need