real estate developments in West Kelowna

Are you in the market for a new home? Real estate developments in West Kelowna are perfect for your family. With various price ranges, there’s a home for every budget. Houses in this area offer a little more privacy and space in comparison to Kelowna. They also come at a more affordable price. Real estate in West Kelowna is in proximity to a variety of amenities too! From beaches to world-class wineries you’ll find every need and want in developments in West Kelowna. Read below to find out more on housing types and new developments in this location. 

Condos in West Kelowna.

For those of you who are looking for a small place to call home, West Kelowna has many condos in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on your budget, these can be waterfront, stratified, and/or a close distance to work. Condos in West Kelowna boast the perfect amount of space for couples or new families. Some even allow pets and provide communal outdoor spaces. This way you can have the same perks as a house without the additional costs that go along with it.  Check back often as we add new developments in West Kelowna each month!

Gated Communities.

For retirees or new families, a gated (stratified) community may be of appeal to you. Houses structured like these offer an added layer of security and comfort to many homeowners. Enjoy having your landscaping maintained and home looked after without any additional fuss. This is perfect for busy parents or retired folk who simply want to relax. Developments in West Kelowna like these often come with a higher cost due to the added amenities.











terravita west kelowna condo








Brand New Real Estate Developments in West Kelowna !

There are a few new up-and-coming developments in West Kelowna that are great for buyers who potentially would like to put their own flare on a new property. This gives homeowners the unique opportunity to design and create their own homes tailored specifically to them. This means less compromise on design and even more functionality! To learn more about developments in West Kelowna contact me today or visit one of the above pages for more information. I look forward to helping you find a great home in a development in this area. Feel free to reach out at any time, and be sure to check out my social media here.