West Kelowna real estate has seen tremendous growth since the pandemic. That’s due in part to the influx of out of town city buyers looking for a slice of Okanagan heaven, but there are also other factors driving the demand. We have seen an increase in the number of local residents who are listing their homes for sale in West Kelowna. For many of these residents they are looking to increase their living space both indoors and out. The pandemic has forced many residents to re-evaluate their living situations.

When lockdown hit, we heard from more than a few customers who felt their homes were lacking in specific amenities. The number one concern we heard was space. People wanted more of it. Whether it was indoor or outdoor we heard from countless buyers and sellers that they wanted more room! Luckily, West Kelowna real estate has a little of everything for everyone, so we have been able to accommodate customers who are trading up to bigger homes, townhomes and condos.

West Kelowna Real Estate

Spaces with larger backyards and quintessential Okanagan features are in demand. Amenities such as pools, access to beaches and close to nature are all still very popular. Especially with families who have children to entertain. We’ve also found that West Kelowna real estate hunters are looking for townhomes, condos and retirement living. But they want those strata units with a twist. Almost everyone looking for this style of housing had outdoor living at the top of their list. Thankfully there are lots of new and older options in West Kelowna from golf course living to townhomes. These developments not only fit all your recreational toys while they’re in quarantine but they also give you that outdoor patio space you need to breathe!

So whether you’re looking to sell your home in West Kelowna and move to something bigger or you want to downsize with a stellar view, we can help you do it all!

Contact me and find out why so many people are choosing West Kelowna real estate today!

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