We were looking for someone who would take the time to assist in assessing our needs/wants in a home, and not just show us what they wanted to sell us. Josh was able to do this with us and adjust his scope of recommended houses, as we looked at more houses and adjusted what was most important to us. A few times throughout the process he’d say “I hear what you’re saying, and I think based on that this house may/may not be the right fit for you, and here’s why.” As first time home buyers this was really essential to us finding an ideal house as its hard to know what you really want until you have some examples. Josh was also available most hours of the day (which we feel bad about, sorry!) and helped us work around our hectic schedules so we could still see houses even if they were at odd times. We appreciate the effort he put in to make it work for us. He also had a handful of recommendations for other services for us, from home inspectors to lawyers to brokers, that helped make the overall home-buying process much easier.