Home Buyers Checklist

1. Pre-approval for Financing to estimate a safe shopping limit – Use a qualified broker to help you understand your mortgage – What you qualify for? What you can afford?

2. Find a Compatible and experienced Realtor that you will be comfortable speaking to and working with. The road to successfully buying and selling real estate can take several months and can have many obstacles along the way.

3. Location! What are your property priorities? – View, Privacy, Lot size, aspect, proximity to (work, recreation, school, shopping, walk-score)

4. Consider Types of properties available – Single Family, Farms, Mixed commercial/residential, strata, New Build, Foreclosures and the ammenties available to each (living space, shop space, zoning bylaws, building schemes, etc.

5. Purchase with the end in mind – Changing life circumstances and potential impacts to your lifestyle, resale strategy, etc.

6. Estimate related purchase and on-going expenses – property taxes, utilities, insurance costs, strata fees, closing costs, PTT, GST, repair & renovation costs

7. Offering Strategies and Negotiation – the many parts of an offer to purchase

8. Inspections – Financing final approval, appraisals, property disclosures, inspections (buildings, septic, surveys, water, chimney, etc)

9. Subject removal (& possible re-negotiations) conveyance (lawyer and/or notary), completion (money for title exchange day) & possession (when you can move in)

10. Take your time and find the right property fit for you. Enjoy the process. House hunting can be a very enjoyable experience. Armed with the right knowledge it can add to your quality of life and in the long term be financially rewarding as well.